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An overview of Microservices architecture

The two types of application architecture commonly used are:
1. Monolithic architecture and 2. Microservice architecture
Let’s take a sneak peek into both types of architecture.
Monolithic architecture
Monolithic architecture is the traditional way of building applications. The applications built with monolithic architecture have a single code base and multiple modules. In fact, monolithic applications are built as a single package with all the components and services included in it. They are a full package inclusive of the database, client-side user interface and server-side application. Here, all the components of the program are interconnected and interdependent.
Scaling monolithic applications is easy and simple.
Microservice architecture

Microservice architecture is a service-based application development technique. In microservice architecture, an application is divided into different components which are developed, packaged and deployed individually through individual processes. These …

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